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In every event we always decorate with all of our heart, imagine it with passion, prepare every detail with organized mind, and all things just happen beautifully.

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Holy Matrimony
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Our Story
"Live your dream . . . "

When you start doing something with pure passion, it will be a part of you. It always be on your mind, heart and even your dreams. Maybe those are the right words to describe how I keep this business growing.
I'm a very bold and optimistic person with many possibilities in my head, and life was never been easy for me. There's always something worth fighting for in every circumstance. So, I managed to keep my positive mind and always moving forward. Everything I achieved thus far is because of God's grace. None but Him!

"The fears we don't face become our limits" - Robin Sharma

Hi there! I'm Melia. I started out as an Interior Designer but I always have passion for details and delicate things. The good thing is I decided to follow my heart in a field I was internally drawn to which led me to where I am now. I love creating something new and making dreams into something real. It's an incredible self-satisfaction whenever the clients are grateful with our works. I feel that all the hard work and pain was worth it and came full circle.
I'm a hard working person and tend to push myself for a challenge but because I have focused on doing something I love, I never feel as though I am working 'too hard'. I believe when you love what you do, fervently and passionately, and you are present to serve a current need or problem, you will never work a day in your life. It is an extraordinary life you get to live - indulge.

About Posh

Please allow us to share a lil' bit about our journey.

About how we consistently loving this little business from the beginning.

We started this decoration business in 2011 whereas at that time decoration was a new business opportunity in Surabaya. As some of you know we started POSH with another 3 of our friends. We agreed to take our passion seriously and turn it into a professional business. By the time, life get us to the different way and direction. Now it's just the two of us. We never stop fighting for POSH and we always try to give our best to each of our clients. There were times we were very satisfied with our work and there were also times when we must face the bitterness of this job. But with our commitment, we keep trying to be better from time to time.

Now, decoration services have grown very well in Surabaya and moved so many young people to unlock their creativities. To be honest, deep down, this is our ultimate goal to be an inspiration and be blessings for others through our works. We thank God for this journey and we're always thankful for all the promotions and blessings God has given us. However, we still have lots to do to always make innovations and give the best quality in our work. Just pray for the best and love us even more

Filven & Melia

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